Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Testimony of a Man Who is Waiting

How can a person who is praying and hoping that God will do something continuously go around proclaiming that God will do it when it hasn’t happen yet? I mean, put yourself in this situation: Let’s say you’ve praying for something for years and nothing is happening. Instead of things getting better, they seem to actually be getting worse. Why should you greet each person you see a smile, and the comforting words, “It’s alright. God will deliver. He will make it alright? I know that God will answer?”

A series of questions like these came to mind as I sit in church this morning. The power of the anointing was flowing all about me. People were praising God in every square inch of the place. The praise music and the singing brought us as near heaven as we dared to go without assigned seats. As I was enveloped in praise these thoughts came to my mind,

“Why are you praising God and you’ve been waiting on Him to move for so long and nothing has happened. Why should you praise God? It seems like he has forgotten you. You have fasted and prayed, and fasted and prayed, and nothing has happened. He has given you a train load of ideas for ministry and no resources or opportunities to make the ministry happen. Mrs. Lot was right. You oughta curse your God and die…or at least die to the idea of ministry.”

But in the midst of these thoughts another voice invaded my thought life. I could hear this voice clearly. It said simply,

“Wait on the Lord because he has come through before!”

When I heard that in my spirit I went to “jump-city.” I went to praising God like there was no tomorrow. When I thought about how many times he has come through for me in times when I thought He had forgotten me, I said:

“It’s alright that he has not answered up till now. I am willing to wait.”

Before I could stop rejoicing over that reason another good reason to wait on God came to my mind; and that reason is simply because he promised.

The character of the Person making the promise is so good and upright that his promise is good even if he does not fulfill it for twenty years. When he does fulfill his promise, no matter how long it takes, it’s worth the wait.

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